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Real Brave Ambassadors


Whether it’s online instruction or in-studio lessons Real Brave is a complete music learning experience that offers a wide range of custom, gamified, goal-oriented music instruction for anyone ages 5-105. Our certified music instructors use our Real Brave Method to form a unique music learning experience using our proprietary software PracticePad and an outreach program called After School Rocks that helps formerly homeless children get access to free music programs.

Real Brave™ was born in Queens, NY and founded by songwriter & performer Daniel Powers Jr. Originally started as part recording studio and part lessons, the company was a place that Powers could rely on to continue creating his own music. Having been in the music industry for 15 years to that point, he also wanted a place where people could go like he could and discover the world of music, express themselves and be a second home for them. Real Brave™ was started so a new generation of people could find mentors like he found as a kid and so this new generation of musicians could find the courage to get up on their own stage. Powers’ own journey into music was wrought with obstacles that mostly had to do with the fact that most learning institutions had ineffective curriculums that meant well but only worked for a certain type of individual. Because he learned differently and mostly by ear, he wanted to build an organization that catered to all individuals regardless of their learning style, capability, goals and potential. Music, he felt, is a universal language to be shared by all, not a few. He wanted Real Brave to show true progress, bringing students together and offer the communities he served a staff that are People First, Musicians Second. Every student at Real Brave gets a chance to go From The Studio to the Stage and ultimately Real Brave helps them to Find You Stage™.  Together with a multidisciplinary and relatable staff they have built a community of inspiring and engaging performers that tug on the heart strings with every in-studio performance at each studio’s built in venue. Real Brave offers an experience like no other with offerings you can only find at Real Brave.

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