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Natasha Hoen (maiden name Poleshuk) is a contemporary artist that primarily uses acrylic paint with various gel mediums on canvas, wood and Plexiglas panels.  Natasha was born in 1976 in White Plains, NY and grew up in Florida. She received her Bachelor's in Fine Arts Painting from School of Visual Arts, NYC in 2000. Natasha then continued her studies in the Masters program at Yale University. She decided to withdraw from the Masters program and continue her journey in a different direction. She spent the next several years working, being a wife, and raising a family. Natasha never lost her love for art or her desire to paint and once again is expressing herself through her art.

Natasha's work has an abstract-surrealist quality to it. Her drawings have a creature-like feeling to them as if they are real organisms from the deep blue abyss or some galaxy far away. Her work is influenced by nature; the colors, the shapes, and the precision of detail.

She often uses a fluid art technique when making her works. Pouring or squirting the paint onto canvas or wood panels, allowing natural reactions to occur, then manipulating with wire to create new shapes and reactions. Sometimes she uses very controlled pours based on a drawing she may have done, while other attempts are spontaneous or accidental in nature. Her process is both meticulous and chaotic. Natasha's work leaves you with a feeling of playful whimsy and wonder.

Natasha Hoen
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