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Larissa, a former lawyer, has been a professional face painter and party entertainer since 2003, and beekeeper since 2014.  She's a wife, pet mom, sister, and really cool aunt. 

She's been an artist from childhood, loving all mediums, and a teacher since the days she made her younger sister play school when they were little.  She isn't scared of any animals, but was very scared of bees until getting several thousand of her own.

Larissa lives in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey with her husband Eric, who's also her biggest supporter; two dogs, Jack and Conor; Catimus, their cat; their guinea pig, French Fry; angora rabbits, Mal and Wash; shorthaired rabbit, Thumper; Chickens, Cher, Adele, Madonna, Carrie, Reba, and Lita, and several tens of thousands of honey bees.

Larissa Symbouras
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