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I have not been a lifelong artist. Not even close. I have had a long career in corporate America working with Production Publishing equipment. In early 2014 I started taking a class at The Art Students League of New York a their Sparkill location. It was a sculpture class using blacksmith skills. I always enjoyed working with my hands and using tools. Throw in the fire and I figured ‘where’s the bad part’? It quickly became a passion.
As I said, not being a lifelong artist, I do not have all this great art rolling around in my head waiting to get out. For me it’s more of a trial and error process. Begin with a flat straight piece of steel, start bending and hammering and see where it goes.
I like to think I am inspired by nature. The shapes and designs that come from nature are simply unlimited. Mostly I’m glad for the chance to do something that I enjoy, and if I happen to produce something that people like, it’s a bonus as far as I’m concerned.
I am married with two grown boys and I have been an Oakland resident since 1992.

​James Klimek
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